Monday, January 25, 2016

EP 89 - An Interview with Pat Greico (Don't Run, Eat More, Lose Weight!) - (Part 2) - 5/17/14

Yeah, we know we left you hanging last week. Well, here's part 2 of the episode with Nutrition Specialist (and close friend), Pat Greico. Frank and Christina ask Pat the questions they KNOW you are going to be thinking as you listen. Get ready, because the answers Pat gives go totally against what the world tells us is healthy and beneficial. As a 2 time national bodybuilding champion athlete himself, Pat has the commitment and the drive to help other athletes (and non-athletes) become champions. He is highly motivating and brings an intense energy to the preparation for all disciplines. He truly enjoys empowering individuals to achieve their goals and his passion for what he does is seen through his client's success.  Enjoy and Stay BLESSED!

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